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“Gotham Whale” Gulps Menhaden in a New York Minute

When a whale shows up within sight of the Manhattan skyline, it's bound to make a splash. The "Gotham Whale" images captured by photographer Artie Raslich showed up in dozens of media outlets.


New Video Puts River Herring in the Spotlight

As a Herring Alliance supporter you know about the efforts to restore river herring by improving stream habitat and reining in wasteful fishing at sea. Now you can let others know about this important work with a new video from makers of the public television program “This American Land.”


Industrial herring fishery’s bad idea shot down: a win for New England’s ocean ecosystem

June 25, 2014: At last week’s meeting of the New England Fishery Management Council, the industrial herring fishery brought forward a bad idea: let us catch more juvenile haddock. The fleet of midwater trawlers fishing for herring in New England waters claimed years ago that they had no interaction with groundfish species, and now they say that there is nothing they can do to avoid catching haddock in their enormous, small-mesh nets.


Mid Atlantic Managers Further Restrict Bycatch of River Herring and Shad

The Mid Atlantic Fishery Management Council has voted to sharply reduce the amount of river herring and shad that can be killed by the industrial trawl vessels targeting Atlantic mackerel, an important step in the recovery of these important but imperiled little fish.


Media Focuses on Industrial Herring Trawler Impacts

Since its inception the Herring Alliance has worked to bring attention to the negative effects the industrial trawlers of the Atlantic herring fishing fleet have on our coastal ecosystems. In the past few weeks some media outlets have started to take notice. Here’s a roundup of recent coverage.